About Me

Hello! Thanks for visiting my website. I am Marcos, a developer from Portugal.

As a child I wanted to be a 3D modeler, but then Minecraft came out and I decided I would be like Notch - so I started studying Java and went as far as a text-based tic-tac-toe.

Later on while in high school, I started working as a freelancer by learning web development on Codecademy and finding small freelance jobs on Reddit. I was a big fan of the Node.js ecosystem.

Then I kept freelancing through college and after. Throughout these years I was always fond of AI and games, and tried to move my expertise towards those.

In late 2020, I worked on Applying Neural Cellular Automata to the ARC Challenge at the ML Collective.

I have worked with Unity for a long time, and published a tool for mesh optimization. This was the first time I made money without selling my time directly, which had been a long time goal of mine.

Making games is very hard - games are pointless software that is so well designed you still want to use it - so I haven’t published any yet. I am working on it, though.

I also do some moderation on Lex Fridman’s Discord and Reddit - I love the podcast and estimate it accounts for at least 24% of my overall happiness. My favorite episode so far is with John Carmack.

If you wish to get in touch, do reach out on Twitter or send an email to email@marcospereira.me.