Hello! Thanks for visiting my website.

I am Marcos, a developer from Portugal.

I mostly have made a living so far working on web apps, but am more interested in AI and games. I have been working part time for most of my career and wish to soon stop relying on selling my time.

Many years ago GTA San Andreas opened my eyes to how amazing and immersive virtual worlds can be. I now work towards making these worlds more alive. I believe that anything we create in them can be a source of inspiration for and will certainly spill over into base reality.

I have a software engineering bachelor's that I really wished to drop out of due to how boring it was, but couldn't find the courage to (it was still hard work, of course). I believe education should have a target application, closer to the present the less fun it is to study. I learn by working on projects - I initially got into web development by finding work on reddit.com/r/forhire as a student.

I identify with and mostly live by stoic philosophy.

I tend to overthink things I care about and underthink things I am not interested in. I am trying to lean more towards action, but am bothered by the idea of imperfection. I still haven't figured out how to sleep well or how much coffee I should have.

I don't believe in fancy wording. If you talk weird, you got something to hide. And making something harder to understand than it has to be is a crime against humanity.

I am a strong believer in the church of ease of use.

I live by progressive disclosure of complexity, which means every interface should be obvious to someone seeing it for the first time, yet still powerful for one who has explored its details. And if you want to explain something to someone, build your ideas up as little lego bricks before you start putting together your tower of reasoning.

It feels nice to have things under control and neatly organized in one's head, but acting out in the world is hard.

There are two components to doing things - being good at doing, and being good at judging. If you don't hate what you do, improve your judgement. And if you hate what you do, keep doing.

Whatever it is you're doing, if no one is paying for it and you're not doing it for its own sake then it's not worth it. Judge your usefulness by whether people are willing to give something in exchange.

If you wish to get in touch, you can reach out through the links in the footer, or send an email to email@marcospereira.me.