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How to take a break

Mar 22, 2021

If you can’t be productive because you are too stressed, burnt out, or simply feel a lack of energy and motivation, allow yourself to rest.

If you would rather sit in bed or stare out the window than focus on what you have to or want to do, it may be more productive to stay away from a computer screen.

There’s a catch, however: you can’t let yourself be entertained. You mustn’t watch Netflix or Youtube or browse social media. You’re only allowed to rest - let your mind wander while sitting on the couch, stare at the ceiling while sitting in bed, go for a bike ride or a walk, fold laundry, and avoid infinite scrolling feeds and cheap dopamine.

There are a few reasons why this works for me:

  1. You will eventually get so bored that what you have to do will become interesting in comparison;

  2. If you do anything physical while on a break, the exercise will benefit you in countless ways (it improves your mood, creativity, and overall health);

  3. The pressure to be productive that was hindering you will dissolve when your body sees that you have the time to sit and do nothing.

It probably feels like you don’t have the time to do this, but taking a break to do nothing - even if it takes a few days to feel ready to get back to work - will be more productive in the long run than pushing against your mind.

There’s nothing wrong with watching Youtube or browsing social media when you want to, but you must avoid it if you feel like you should be working right now but can’t be productive.

Predatorial recommendation algorithms allow you to procrastinate endlessly.

Only a refreshed mind, a fit body, and a good dose of natural boredom can reignite the flame that drives you to do what you evolved to do - have an impact on those around you.