Should you have some coffee?

I like coffee. Though sometimes, I’m not sure whether I should have it, especially when it’s late in the day or I’ve already had some. So I took to doing some research and built up a little questionnaire to help guide my reasoning.

It’s not serious or strictly scientific, but I did my best to rely on well thought and unbiased data.

You can find it at, and the source code is available on Github.

(It used to be hosted at, but I decided to stop renewing the domain)

I built it in a generic way where the questions and their respective scores are defined independently of the functionality, so theoretically one could easily change this into any other yes/no questionnaire.

I have to admit, I don’t always guide my actions by this one when it comes to having coffee - sometimes, in a bit of a self destructive manner. I am inclined to believe that even if something is harmful, we subconsciously may prefer to take the reins of our fate and command our own suffering.

That aside, let me know what you think!